A world of ancient powers awaits…

Welcome to Eos, a truly ancient world where countless powers and peoples have risen and fallen over the eternal churning of the millennia. The lush world is home to numerous races and cultures, some small, some mighty. Several large continents dot the cerulean oceans and contain broad forests, towering mountains, gentle hills, and burning deserts, as well as far stranger and unwelcoming landscapes. Countless wars between the people of these lands have been fought, and many places still bear the scars of these conflicts of antiquity in the shape of ruins, tombs, dungeons, and far more dangerous locales.

Eos currently stands at one of the few moments of peace in its long life, with no great wars raging between the civilizations, though how long this calm will last is anyone’s guess. It is a time such as this that adventurers from all callings and walks are able to carve out a piece of Eos’ wealth and notoriety for themselves, and perhaps place themselves in the long line of heroes and villains that have come before them, and will surely follow them.